-q21:the passage is primarily concerned witha

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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q21:The passage is primarily concerned withA. demonstrating that unions failed to address the concerns of African American workers during a particular periodB. arguing that African American workers’ participation in unions during a particular period was ultimately beneficial to themC. contrasting the treatment of African American workers by two different labor organizations during a particular periodD. giving reasons for the success of African American unionists in winning victories for both African American and White workers during a particular periodE. questioning one explanation for the attitudes of African American workers toward unionization during a particular periodAnswer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q22:According to the passage, which of the following was true of many racist White unionists during the period discussed in the passage?A. Their attitudes toward African American union organizers changed once they recognized that the activities of these organizers were serving workers’ interests.B. They were a powerful element in the southern labor movement because they constituted the majority of the unskilled factory labor force in the southern United States.C. They persisted in opposing the CIO’s adoption of a stated policy of equal rights for all.12D. Their primary goal was to strengthen the negotiating power of the unions through increasing White union membership.E. Their advocacy of racial discrimination hampered unions in their efforts to gain more power for workers.Answer: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q23:The author of the passage suggests which of the following about African American workers who participated in union activities in the 1930’s and 1940’s?A. They believed that the elimination of discrimination within unions was a necessary first step toward the achievement of economic advancement for African Americans.B. They belonged exclusively to CIO unions because they were excluded from AFL unions.C. They believed that the economic advancement of African American workers depended on organized efforts to empower all workers.D. Some of them advocated the organization of separate African American unions because of discriminatory practices in the AFL and the CIO.E. Many of them did not believe that White unionists in CIO unions would tolerate or support racial discrimination against African American workers.Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q24:For similar cars and drivers, automobile insurance for collision damage has always cost more in Greatport than in Fairmont. Police studies, however, show that cars owned by Greatport residents are, on average, slightly less likely to be involved in a collision than cars in Fairmont. Clearly, therefore, insurance companies are making a greater profit on...
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-Q21:The passage is primarily concerned withA demonstrating...

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