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5 STUDY MATERIAL 5.1 Inventory letter After registration, you will receive an inventory letter that will provide you with a list of study material included in your study package. It will also indicate the outstanding items. Check the study material you have received against the inventory letter. You should have received all the items listed in the inventory, unless there is a statement such as “out of stock” or “not available”. If any item is missing, follow the instructions on the back of the inventory letter without delay. PLEASE NOTE : Your lecturer cannot help you with missing study material. Please contact the Unisa Contact Centre (see section 4.2 above for details). 5.2 Study material The Department of Despatch should supply you with the following study material for this module: one study guide: Only study guide for MNH306K three tutorial letters: Tutorial letter 101 (this one), Tutorial letter 201 (feedback on assignment 01 and additional examination guidelines) and Tutorial letter 202 (feedback on assignment 02). Tutorial letters 201 and 202 will be sent to all registered students after the due dates of the assignments whether you submitted the assignment or not. A Your service guide @ Unisa PLEASE NOTE: The registration process has changed. This means that printed tutorial matter will not be available when you register. However, you will receive a CD containing the necessary tutorial matter from the Toaster Room and the printed tutorial matter will be posted to you as soon as possible. However, if you have access to the internet, you can also view the study guide and tutorial letters for the modules for which you are registered on the University’s online campus, my Unisa, at http://www.my.unisa.ac.za . 5.3 Prescribed textbook The prescribed book for this module is: Milkovich, G.T. & Newman, J.M. 2008. Compensation . 9 th edition. Boston: McGrawHill. ISBN 978-007- 125932-3.
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