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Thesis Final Report (long)

Find shops due to the bigger size of this bazaar now

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find shops due to the bigger size of this bazaar now and buy things from elsewhere if they don’t find their specific retailer. Is there a chance of losing your customers now? A: The problem is not that we are losing customers. The bazaar has grown so vast in size… the bazaar is now better due to the shade and tiled floors… Q: So the income is not being generated according to these renovations…. A: It is not the income… Here, it is all about quality. If we don’t bring in branded quality items then it is a problem… This bazaar is famous for “Luundaa”. You can find shoes, purse, pant and shirt specially…Shirts, trousers etc.. Q: Is this market used item dominated? A: No! its all Luundaa. This is all Luunda stock over here. In Luunda, you can buy crockery items, purse, spoons, utensils, teacups, as you have seen on the other side, toys for children. The reason it is so is because of where this stuff is made. That is what a person looks at when buying a product from here. Only because of this reason, luunda is liked here Q: Tell me, do men come here more or women, considering this is a shirts shop for men? A: Over here.. Women come over here the most…Women also come here. They just don’t randomly go to anywhere else. From medical to teaching to highly educated… all women come here. Foreigners too... It doesn’t matter that the men (retailers) are dealing over here.. they are more intelligent then us, more educated then us.. they know… there are a lot of things happening over here like harassing and well educated females tend to ignore it.. it is not that they are scared. Due to being well educated they know that this is in-built nature of middle class people to do so. This is the key point im telling you… Q: I want to ask how much is this shirt for? A: Over here we deal in Luunda brought shirts…The quality of these shirts that matters here. If the quality is high-fy, he can sell it for Rs. 500 too. I have Marks and Spencer’s too but the price is decided based on year and model of the shirt... I had this Marks and Spencer’s shirt just now 139
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that was released in 2009 by the name of luxury. One of my customers who lives abroad told me that he bought the exact shirt for $280 Q: As you told me that women come here a lot. So Tell me is there bargaining over here? A: Bargaining has increased now that the bazaar has grown big. 5-6 years ago when we were in the older bazaar there was no bargaining there Q: So why did this happen? A: Bargaining has increased over here as there is now a difference in quality too. The retailers have created differences in quality too. For example, middle class people are coming here from Korangi and Lalokhet, Lyari, Nazimabad, Gulshan and they have this habit that they won’t buy anything without bargaining. The well-educated class feels bad as he says that he understand the price of a certain item and take this money and give me the product. There are a lot of thing. Tell me where bargaining doesn’t take place?
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