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4b regret doing smt l ấ y làm ti ? c vì ñ ã

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4b) Regret doing smt: L y làm ti ế c vì ñ ã làm gì He regrets leaving school early. It's the biggest mistake in his life. 6.1.5 ðộ ng t ñứ ng sau gi i t T t c các ñộ ng t ñứ ng ngay sau gi i t ñề u ph i d ng V-ing. Verb + preposition + verb-ing Sau ñ ây là b ng các ñộ ng t có gi i t theo sau, vì v y các ñộ ng t khác ñ i sau ñộ ng t này ph i dùng d ng verb-ing. Verb + prepositions + V-ing approve of be better of count on depend on give up insist on keep on put off rely on succeed in think about think of worry abount object to look forward to confess to John gave up smoking because of his doctor’s advice. He insisted on taking the bus instead of the plane. Hery is thinking of going to France next year. Fred confessed to stealing the jewels Chú ý r ng 3 ñộ ng t cu i cùng trong b ng trên, có gi i t to ñ i sau ñộ ng t . ð ó là gi i t ch không ph i là to trong ñộ ng t nguyên th (to do st), nên theo sau nó ph i là m t verb-ing ch không ph i là m t verb nguyên th . We are not looking forward to going back to school. Jill objected to receiving the new position. He confessed to causing the fire. Adjective + preposition + verb-ing:
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 31 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng Adjective + prepositions + V-ing accustomed to afraid of intent on interested in capable of fond of successful in tired of Mitch is afraid of getting married now. We are accustomed to sleeping late on weekends. I am fond of dancing . We are interested in seeing this film. Noun + preposition + verb-ing: Noun + prepositions + V-ing choice of excuse for intention of method for possibility of reason for (method of) There is no reason for leaving this early. George has no excuse for droping out of school. There is a possibility of acquiring this property at a good price. He has developed a method for evaluating this problem. Các tr ườ ng h p khác: Trong các tr ườ ng h p khác, ñộ ng t ñ i sau gi i t c ũ ng ph i d ng verb-ing. After leaving the party, he drove home. He should have stayed in New York instead of moving to Maine. 6.1.6 ðộ ng t ñ i sau tính t : Nói chung, n ế u ñộ ng t ñ i ngay sau tính t (không có gi i t ) thì ñượ c dùng d ng nguyên th . Nh ng tính t ñ ó bao g m. anxious boring dangerous hard eager easy good strange pleased prepared ready able usual common difficult It is dangerous to drive in this weather. Mike is anxious to see his family.
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