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Better communication between sasha and dana as this

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better communication between Sasha and Dana, as this seemed to be one of the main areas of conflict in the group. He could do this by trying to have a less biased point of view with a healthy dose of skepticism for the ideas on both sides. Because Sasha and Dana often disregarded each other’s ideas, it would be good to use a method like brainstorming or brainwriting or even an affinity diagram in order to find a middle ground. Being able to mediate is something that Henry could have done to be more of an official leader for this team and as a result make the team more productive. Conclusion All in all, this case has a great number of element in it that made it more complicated as the members went on and kept investing more and more in the company causing an escalation of commitment problem. There was clearly a problem with marketing the product before the team came together, but the team brought together to solve it were inefficient in communication and not as productive as they could have been. Henry should have used better judgment to overcome his own biases and tried to solve the problem in a more strategic and systemic approach that utilized each member’s strengths rather than having the team disintegrate into one that lacks unity and vision.
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