5 You can also make a new bin by right clicking a blank area in the Project

5 you can also make a new bin by right clicking a

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5 You can also make a new bin by right-clicking a blank area in the Project panel and choosing New Bin. Try this now. 6 Name the new bin Illustrator files . One of the quickest and easiest ways to create a new bin for clips you already have in your project is to drag and drop the clips onto the New Bin button at the bottom of the Project panel. 7 Drag and drop the clip Vegas_Night.mov onto the New Bin button. 8 Name the bin City Views . P Note: It can be quite difficult to find a blank part of the Project panel to click when it is full of clips. Try clicking just to the left of the icons, inside the panel.
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ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CS6 CLASSROOM IN A BOOK 83 9 Press the keyboard shortcut Control+/ (Windows) or Command+/ (Mac) to make a new bin. 10 Name the bin Sequences . If your Project panel is set to List View, bins are displayed in name order among the clips. Managing media in bins Now that we have some bins, let’s put them to use. As you move clips into bins, use the disclosure triangles to hide their contents and tidy up the view. 1 Drag the clip Lower_Third.ai into the Illustrator files bin. 2 Drag DoubleIdentity.psd into the PSD files bin. 3 Drag the Title_wLayers bin (created automatically when you imported the layered PSD file) into the PSD files bin. Bins inside bins work just like folders inside folders. 4 Drag the clip Seattle_Skyline.mov into the City Views bin. You might need to resize the panel or switch it to full-screen to see both the clip and the bin. 5 Drag the sequence First Sequence into the Sequences bin. 6 Put all of the remaining clips inside the Double Identity bin. You should now have a nicely organized Project panel, with each kind of clip in its own bin. Notice that you can also copy and paste clips to make extra copies if this suits your organizational system. You have a Photoshop document that might be useful for the Double Identity content. Let’s make an extra copy. P Note: When you import an Adobe Photoshop file with multiple layers and choose to import as a sequence, Adobe Premiere Pro automatically creates a bin for the individual layers and their sequence. E Tip: You can make Shift+click and Control+click (Windows) or Command+click (Mac) selections in the Project panel, just as you can with files in your hard drive.
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