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1 what organelles are found in all cells 2 what

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1. What organelles are found in ALL cells? 2. What organelles are found in plant cells, but not in animal cells? Part III: Diagrams label each part with the following terms (can be used more than once): a) granum, b) inner membrane, c) intermembrane space, d) mitochondrial matrix, e) outer membrane, f) stroma, thylakoid Mitochondrion: Chloroplast Part IV: Cell Challenge answer the following questions. 1. What types of cells would probably contain (A) a large number of lysosomes? (B) a particularly extensive cell wall? (C) many peroxisomes? (D) a large number of mitochondria? 2. Through how many, and which, membranes would a molecule have to pass in going from (A) the interior of a thylakoid to the mitochondrial matrix in the same cell? (B) interior of a lysosome to the outside of a cell? (C) from one ribosome to another? Bacteria Plants Animals Prokaryotic structures Eukaryotic structures Relatively large size Relatively small size Membrane-bound organelles Cell wall Cell membrane Mitochondria Cytoplasm Lysosome Chloroplast Central vacuole Vacuole Golgi apparatus Rough ER Smooth ER Ribosomes Nucleus
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