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New market market development coca cola is already an

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New Market Market development Coca-Cola is already an international company but what they could do is try to convert non-Coke drinkers into Coke lovers . They could send out coupons, make comparison ads, and run comparison commercials to show consumers why their products are better than their competitors . Diversification Coca-Cola could create a new product, i.e. Dasani bottled water (created to rival Pepsi’s Aquafina), and sell it in a new market, i.e. Europe. Europe is a good market for bottled water because they don’t drink as much soda as Americans do. By expanding into this new area, Coca-Cola can bring more Europeans into the Coca-Cola family. Figure 1: Stock Prices, 2007 – present Figure 2: Sales Figures (as compared to Pepsi), 2005 - present
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Over the last five years, Coca-Cola has had its ups and downs . As Figure 1 shows, there had been a general decline starting in 2007 and into early 2009 . In March of 2009, however the market seems to have started rebounding a bit and there is a steady incline from then on . In 2012, they are sitting steady with higher stocks than they’ve had in the last five years . This tells me that their current marketing strategies are working and that the company is doing well . Figure 2 shows us roughly the same thing, as compared to their main competitor Pepsi. There was a consistent decline starting back in 2005 going through 2009. After that it sort of levels off and remains steady, then starts a small increase, which is where the company is sitting at currently. This shows us that the company is rebounding from the recession and their current strategies are helping them bounce back. III . Situational Analysis Immediate Environment Consumers: Each of Coca-Cola’s different sodas has a different target market of consumers. For example, they sell both Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero. Both are a zero calorie cola but they market each to a different set of people. Coca-Cola Zero is marketed more towards a younger male generation. In one commercial, they have younger males driving fast cars showing the target audience that Coca-Cola Zero is for their generation. It’s not a girly,
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diet drink that they need to steer away from to keep their masculine persona. Compare this to Diet Coke which markets itself as a diet product, meant more for women who are looking to watch their figure. You can also compare their cans. Zero is black, looking sleek and young whereas Diet Coke is in silver cans, appealing more to women as light and refreshing. Coca-Cola does a very good job of advertising each of their sodas to their individual target markets. Competitors: Pepsi Price Pepsi sells their products in cases, bottles etc. for the about the same prices as Coca- Cola. This makes them quite competitive with each other. Place
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New Market Market development Coca Cola is already an...

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