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Dantes inferno discussion

I felt like this was a type of variation on the holy

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Inferno that he had three heads. I felt like this was a type of variation on the Holy Trinity. It was probably meant to mimic it, seeing as how all three heads were still Satan but technically different faces. In line with some of the political undertones in this story, I feel like Satan was depicted so helplessly as to instill faith into people who felt powerless under their present governments. Maybe even Dante was one of those people. This could’ve been his way of showing that these people, whether it be the people in power or an evil beast that is known to cause wickedness and misery, are not really as indestructible as they seem. I also think Satan was depicted as still suffering because he, as well as Judas, betrayed Jesus. This image of all betrayers suffering in unison is a very powerful one. Sure, it seemed like Satan should’ve and might’ve had the upper hand in terms of the severity of suffering (Satan being frozen vs. the others being chewed on forever). However, when it all boils down, they are all bad people who have done bad things. No one person is really above the other. I mean, after all, they are all stuck in Hell anyways.
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