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UPS Deliverable 1 Submission

Recent performance of company ups has become the most

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Recent Performance of Company UPS has become the most recent large US company to alter its pension accounting that may add volatility to corporate profits. This move allegedly will have no impact on benefits paid to plan participants or the pension funding. This change is merely going to change is mark-to-market system of accounting, recognizing significant gains and losses. Only a few companies have actually switched to this particular method. The biggest fear that analysts have is that this can render corporate profits more volatile. UPS holds extremely strong presence in Asia. However, the growing US economy is leading operating profit higher in the fourth quarter of last year after a surge of online holiday shopping and sales. From the fourth quarter, UPS earned 74 cents per share. UPS is expecting to see much faster growth this year in the US economy than prior years, which is relatively good in comparison to the type of industry this company is classified. The Industry UPS is classified under the air delivery and freight services industry, with the NAICS code of 492210. Its biggest competitors are Deutsche Post AG, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. Based off its market cap, UPS is currently the leading corporation in this industry, marked at 54.9B. In comparison to FedEx, one of its more similar competitors, FedEx holds the advantage of being a more technological-based company,
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whereas UPS is holding a more cautious position and holding back on updating its digital usage. In terms of the air delivery and freight services industry growth potential, prospective do not seem positive. The reasoning for this is due to the fact that people are losing reliance on delivery. Fortunately, the Asian market has a lot of growth and provides great opportunity for companies to focus its attention. Growth Opportunities
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Recent Performance of Company UPS has become the most...

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