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Yin r k 2014 case study research design and methods

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Yin, R. K. (2014). Case Study Research: Design and Methods (5th ed.). Los Angeles, CL: SAGE Inc.
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35 Appendix A - Interview Questions 1. Have you participated in forming a strategy at the firm? 2. If so, what framework was used when forming and implementing the strategy? 3. What framework is used to make strategy? 4. What framework is used to implement strategic changes? 5. How were projects selected to focus on? 6. How did you select objectives? 7. In your opinion, how urgent was it to make the changes? 8. Did other mangers feel the need for change? 9. Did you experience complacency? 10. Did you experience that it was necessary to take action to increase urgency? 11. How was the guiding coalition group formed? 12. What were the characteristics of the group? 13. Did the group change in the process? 14. How did you get key employees to participate in the process? 15. How did you form the vision? 16. Did you feel that employees understood the vision? 17. Did you feel that employees agreed on the vision? 18. Which methods were used to communicate the vision? 19. How do you think the vision has been communicated? 20. Do you feel that managers behaved in line with the strategy? 21. Was the vision linked to daily job tasks? 22. How did you identify barriers? 23. How did you remove barriers? 24. How did you get employees to participate in implementing the change? 25. How did you manage to great short-term wins? 26. How did manage to keep employees on track? 27. Did you have any short-term wins? 28. Did you make new objectives? 29. How did you manage to keep focus on the change? 30. Are there visible changes in the organizational culture? 31. If the change has been implemented, how have managers followed-up?
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