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My online application would feature my honors

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My online application would feature my honors education, achievements, and career goals. Moving into the interview my marketing plan would emphasize the learned skills I acquired while at Texas State. To set myself apart from other applicants a recap of how my business minor paired with my PR major make the perfect combination for the position. In closing attention would be called to the convenience of already living in San Marcos. Working in Dallas, Texas Lastly the remaining alternative is located in Dallas, Texas as an entry level Public Affairs Specialist, employed by ExxonMobil. Beginning my career in Dallas would fulfill my condition to live in Texas while also putting my learned skills and tools to good use. Because this alternative meets the conditions specified in my problem statement this career path can be deemed appropriate. The 4 P’s of Marketing: Product ExxonMobil is pursuing recent U.S. college graduates from various universities to fill an entry-level Public Affairs Specialist position. The purpose regarding the position would be to transform the public opinion about ExxonMobil into a positive one and take preventative measures to maintain this newly formed reputation. I would present myself as the perfect product for this job by, calling attention to my degree in Public Relations, and accentuating my position as the Delta Zeta PR chair and the measures taken to improve and preserve my sorority’s image. The 4 P’s of Marketing: Place As previously mentioned in my external opportunities, Dallas, Texas, is listed as one of the metropolitan areas with the highest hiring demand for Public Relations Managers and Specialists (Lombardi 2010). However, according to the 2011 Dallas, Texas, Local Market Job Candidates provided by Monster Intelligence forty-five percent of Dallas job seekers are mid
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16 career, thirty-seven percent are managers or above, which only leaves a relatively small 18 percent for those emerging into today’s workforce. This 18 percent is then split between ten percent entry level seekers, and eight percent students not yet actively pursuing a job. The 4 P’s of Marketing: Price Because the Public Affairs Specialist demands different responsibilities from a Marketing Associate and an Event Promoter, a third and final entry salary must be assessed. As stated on Salary.com the average minimum salary is 34k, with a medium of 46k, and a typical maximum salary of 55k. By taking into consideration the tools and services I have to offer to the company, and the Dallas total job market, I would accept slightly more than the medium of 46k as my salary. While I have skills that set me apart from the average worker it wouldn’t be sensible to try and push for the highest salary possible considering I lack experience. The 4 P’s of Marketing: Promotion Just as it was necessary for my two former alternatives that I promote myself through multiple channels, the position regarding ExxonMobil has the same requirements. Similar to my previous alternatives I would use the submission of my resume to feature the my highest academic achievements, the PR position I held within Delta Zeta, and my precisely devised combination of a PR major with a Business minor in which I graduated with honors through. In
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