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This leads me to a point on how this could be seen as

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at this job all the apprentices were young males and the females were secretaries. This leads me to a point on how this could be seen as women’s oppression. The males are given the chance to rise in the workplace while the women stay in a lower position. Like J.B. Cole says, “Women’s oppression knows no limitations (Cole 1998).” If this is happening with small positions like this you are lead to believe that in the real workforce women are severely oppressed and aren’t even looked at for the opportunity for moving up in the totem pole.
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In some ways sexism has been hurtful like for me getting certain job but then it has also been beneficial. Like I said before with the secretary job I didn’t get it because I was a male. But it has been beneficial because I have been given the opportunity at other places that aren’t given to females as explained in the above paragraph. So finding your role in the world can sometimes be difficult depending on who you are and who you know. T. Rabideau makes very god points in his writings on how a young woman who was biologically female but considered herself male went through life struggling but when she went to college found her niche and people who were going through her similar problem and helped her find her way (Rabideau 2000). I can really relate to this story. Not the part about being GLBT but with finding who you are. Being I am a male I have opportunities women don’t have like making more money or excelling in the business world predominantly ran by men. On the other side I am a black man who isn’t always given the most opportunities and isn’t the right color for the business image which is run by white men.
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