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These are all factors that go towards causing this

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also means less time for exercise. These are all factors that go towards causing this obesity epidemic. As bad of a problem as America has with obesity, we also have a rather large problem with people being obsessed with how they look and getting eating disorders which also causes health problems. One eating disorder is anorexia nervosa; it is a disorder that is complex and has three main features. Those features are that you refuse to maintain a healthy body weight, the fear to an extreme point of gaining weight, and a not normal body image (Smith and Segal, 2012). Some of the health problems associated with it is a low heart rate, blood pressure that is low, loss of bone mass, heart or kidney failure. Bulimia nervosa is another eating disorder that can cause a lot of problems. Bulimia is actually a combination of binging and anorexia. One with this type disorder may over eat, then begin to panic. Knowing they over ate, they will not eat for an extended amount of time, sometimes days or longer because weight gain is not desired.
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BODY FAT AND EATING DISORDERS PAPER 3 This is a consumption sickness which can cause an irregular heartbeat, a weakened heart, constipation, ruptured esophagus, and ulcers.
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