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You will be given reading assignments from the text

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Now you know the basic layout of the textbook. You will be given reading assignments from the text- book. Here are some hints to help you read the text and ace the tests. Before you Begin Check out the reading assignment from the assignment sheet. Find and note the sections that your teacher does NOT want you to read. Check out the section headings to get an idea of what you will be reading about. Take out your class notes and keep it ready for comparison. Look at each picture and read the captions of each. Now you may begin reading. While you are reading Read out loud. Use a conversation voice and pretend that you are reading to a friend. When you get to a key term or a hard word, write it down. Look through the section to see if you can understand its meaning. Write it down Read one paragraph, then outline or summarize it in your own words. (If you cannot use your own words, you have not understood it – try again) Compare with your class notes. Is there something you don’t understand? Make a note of it and ask your teacher in class. Repeat the above for each paragraph. If you find that you are drifting off (spacing out), give yourself a break. Walk around, get a drink of water – try again. Outline Concept 1.1 in the space below:
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