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Q28 chap 11 which of the following is not a

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Q28 - Chap 11Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good screening test? A. SimpleB. SafeC. Cost-effective D. RapidE. Reputable AB. Acceptable
Q29 - Chap 11True or false - A reliable screening test is one that is accurate and produces results that reflect the“true results”.
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Use the following data from a screening test to answer the next three questions.A test is used to screen 12,500 people for TB. The number of people that screen positive is 518.There were 499 false positives and the sensitivity of the test was 95%.Q30 - Chap 11
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Q31 - Chap 11
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Q32 - Chap 11What is the specificity this screening test?Q.Cannot be determine with the available information.R.0.95 or 95%S.0.98 or 98%T.0.96 or 96%
Q33 - Chap 12A person (or animal) who permits lodgment of an infectious disease agent under naturalconditions describes which element of the epidemiologic triangle.
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Q34 - Chap 12What factors comprise the epidemiologic triangle?D
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Q35 - Chap 12Someone suggests immunization as a means of reducing disease, specifically the feared UJ(uderlinger jacamoodi). What part of the disease cycle is he or she trying to affect?
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