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That is a normal reaction to oppression what astounds

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by the treatment of their ancestors. That is a normal reaction to oppression, what astounds me is the inner strength of this race of people who would not be divided and would not be conquered. Instead, Black Americans rode out the storm of their slavery and demoralization and the second they were given the chance, rose above their circumstances and took a stand. They continued to rise throughout the years until the world around them finally decided to accept them as equals. I know that there is some lingering influence from slavery still today. I find this completely detestable. We are supposed to be the most advanced, free, Christian, moral country in the world and our vision is still clouded by the color of skin. I sometimes marvel at the hypocrisy of America the Beautiful. DQ 2 It is interesting that within racial imbalances "family life" was included. Family life is the one thing that can be totally in the control of the people it impacts. However, it seems that family forces are often - not always! - a true negative in culture. The cultural norms are so different. Fathers who leave; a series of live-ins/spouses; children abandoned to be raised on welfare; teenage mothers who think it's a badge of honor to have a baby by the basketball star. It seems to me that until these issues are fixed - and people take responsibility for their own future - that the outside influences will continue to haunt people in our country. However I would think that these norms are so culturally ingrained and accepted that they will be extremely difficult to overcome. It's the one thing that only will get better if folks help themselves; the other things can be impacted positively by people of all races who take action against injustice.
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