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Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 7 Saving Energy

Scientists are looking for an effective way to reduce

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Scientists are looking for an effective way to reduce energy _______________. ( consume ) Complete the second sentences 44. It was raining, so we decided to postpone our camping. Since __________________________________________________________________________________ 45. She wants them to sing a song. She suggests they ________________________________________________________________________ 46. She couldn’t join us because she was busy. She was busy, so _______________________________________________________________________ . 47. Shall we go to the cinema tonight? What about _____________________________________________________________________________ 48. Why don’t we use energy-saving bulbs? I suggest _______________________________________________________________________________ 49. Although she was not beautiful, she took part in a beauty contest. She wasn’t beautiful but __________________________________________________________________ 50. Work hard and you will pass the exam. If you __________________________________________________________________________________ 51. If you don’t start working hard now, you won’t be able to pass the final exam. Unless ________________________________________________________________________________ 52. We are delighted. You passed your English exam. We are delighted _______________________________________________________________________ . 53. She was tired and therefore she wanted to go home. She wanted to go home because ____________________________________________________________ Fill in each gap with a suitable word in the box. --energy – money – electricity – machines – by – save – how much – in-- For most North American households, lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of the _______(54) bill. However, this amount can be reduced_______(55) replacing an ordinary 110-watt light bulb with an _______(56) saving bulb. These bulbs use a quarter of the electricity of standard bulbs and last eight times longer. Therefore, consumers can _______(57) about US$ 7 to $21 per bulb. In Europe, there is a labeling scheme for refrigerators, freezers, washing _______(58) and tumble dryers. The label tells the consumers _______(59) energy efficient each model is, compared with other appliances _______(60) the same category. Ultimately, these innovations will save _______(61) as well as conserving the Earth’s sources.
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