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Peasants wanted to own their own land was a radical

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peasants wanted to own their own land – was a radical idea o Urban poor (of Paris) : some are artisans – had different interest in bourgeoisie, factory workers; not as involved in politics b/c busy with work King Louis XVI : weak-willed; wasn’t interested in governing; this creates problems – no constitution social & financial problems In 18 th century, taxes began to increase (28% increase in some parts of the country ) – due to cost of mid-century wars; France more or less paid for American Revolution (raised taxes); 1780s, government was nearly bankrupt –
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9/18/12 poor fiscal administration; desperately needs money – thinks to tax aristocracy; July 1788 : ends up summoning the Estates General (body that hasn’t met since 1614); each estate appointed local representatives; came to Paris with Cahiers de Doléance National Assembly : everyone else of the third estate (during cahiers de doleances); some from others joined them Tennis Court Oath : from National Assembly; deciding never to separate themselves from the National Assembly until the constitution of the realm was fixed upon solid foundations July 14, 1789 :
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