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Who defined group cohesion as the total field of

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28. Who defined group cohesion as “the total field of forces which act on members to remain in the group”? a. Bruce W. Tuckman b. Coach Paul (“Bear”) Bryant c. Leon Festinger and his colleagues d. Michael Hogg e. None of the above 29. For a group to have high collective efficacy: 30. Pat is on my soccer team and I like him a great deal, but I really admire Jill because she epitomizes the qualit- ies I look for in a teammate. As defined by social identity theorist Michael Hogg, my feelings for Pat are ___, but my feelings for Jill are ____. 31. Alice has just been hired by the Acme Controls Company, but she hasn’t been trained. Therefore, she has little idea what her duties are. She is experiencing: 32. Most roles fit into one of two broad categories: ___ roles and ___ roles. a. relationship, task b. leader, follower c. open, closed d. sex, gender e. centralized, decentralized 33. Which one is NOT a base of power identified by French and Raven? 34. Basing your conclusion on the Aronson and Mills study of severity of initiation to join a group, members of a fraternity who wish to bind new inductees to the group should:
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35. Which is true? 36. Given the relationship between network position and satisfaction, the majority of the group members will be more satisfied when working in a ___ network. a. decentralized b. hierarchical c. one-way d. centralized e. None of the above.
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Who defined group cohesion as the total field of forces...

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