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BLAW 201, CH 13 Ques

Well oil co offered to sell vincent a parcel of land

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Well Oil Co. offered to sell Vincent a parcel of land in a distant state at a certain price. Vincent said he would like to examine the property to see if it was as represented. The Well Oil Co. agreed to give Vincent ten days to make the examination. Within the ten-day examination period and while Vincent was examining the property, Well Oil Co. advised him that it would sell the land only for an advanced price, which was considerably higher than the first price mentioned. After making an examination at considerable expense, Vincent decided to take the land on the terms first stated and notified Well Oil Co. within the ten-day period that he accepted those terms. The Well Oil Co. refused to convey the land. Vincent sued Well Oil Co. for damages. Can he recover? Explain. 7.) Pinder made an offer to Young as follows: "I offer to sell you 150 shares of U.S. Steel. It closed yesterday at $170. If you will buy 10 shares at that price I will give you 20 days to decide whether you want to buy the balance at the same price." Young agreed, and paid Pinder for 10 shares. Three days later the price of U.S. Steel went up to $195. Young decided to buy the other 140 shares, but when he called Pinder's office, he learned that Pinder had been killed in an automobile accident just a few moments before he called. Two weeks later, Young notified Pinder's executor of his acceptance. The executor claims that the offer to sell the remaining 140 shares was revoked by Pinder's death. Is he correct? Explain. 8.) On March 2, 1911, Fredericks, a wholesaler in eggs, telegraphed Stevens, a farmer: "Am in the market for 10,000 dozen white leghorn eggs at 20 cents a dozen, delivery to be on March 7, next. Will buy all that you have of that kind on hand at present time, provided not more than 3 days old, up to 10,000 dozen." Stevens, without replying, on March 6 shipped 5,000 dozen white leghorn eggs, which arrived on March 7. Fredericks immediately notified Stevens that he had
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