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France isolated until 1890 alliance between france

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: (France isolated until 1890); alliance between France, Britain & Russia; forgot to renew the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia in 1894, France & Russia became allies World War I technology : trench warfare, artillery, poison gas, railways, air warfare, tanks, submarines, flamethrowers Trench Warfare : flamethrower, grenades, machine guns, poison gas, tank Zimmermann telegram : proposal from German Empire to Mexico to make war against the US; coded telegram by Zimmermann; Mexico was promised Russian revolution : revolutions in Russia that dismantled the Tsarist autocracy Tsarist government : Russian old regime; king took the title as Tsar (“Cesar”); absolute monarchy Serfdom : status of peasants under feudalism; condition of bondage; if they occupied a plot of land, they were required to work for the Lord of the Manor Duma Petrograd Soviet; council assemblies which was created by the Tsar of Russia;
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form of Russian gov’t institution Lenin : was exiled for his views; he took control of the Bolsheviks party (founded it); was a Marxist; abolition of private property; equal pay; means of production in common Communist Manifesto : short publication from Marx and Engels; one of the most influential political manuscripts; class struggle and problems of capitalism rather than a prediction of communism Whites v. Reds : Civil War (1917-1921): to see if Bolshvism can survive in Russia; Whites (supporters of the Tsar) vs. Reds (Leon Trotsky - Bolshevik); war policies called war communism; all decisions come from the top War Communism : military communism; economic & political system that existed in Soviet Russia during Russian Civil War; keeping towns and red army supplied with weapons and food – GO RED Cheka : secret police came from war communism New Economic Policy (1921-8) : Lenin initiates this – allowed for the success of the Kulaks who become a success in Russia (rich peasants who farmed for profit); state capitalism; farmers must give up some agricultural product as tax Expressionism : inner thought being outwardly expressed Dadaism : art movement; anti-war politics & anti-bourgeois; Surrealism : avant-garde to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind; SUBCONSCIOUS Nazism : far-right racist German nationalist movement (anti-Semitism) Hitler : asshole Fuhrer : German for “leader”; associated with Hitler; negative connotation Fascism : radical authoritarian nationalism; unify nation through totalitarian state that seeks mass mobilization of the national community through discipline; Mussolini : Fascists won the Spanish Civil War with the help of Mussolini & Hitler; Italian politician who led the National Fascist Party; dictator; destroyed political oppression through secret police Il Duce : the Fascists identified Mussolini as Il Duce of the National Fascist Party
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Spanish Civil War : civil war; international conflict; ideological conflict; lots of men from all over Europe volunteered; Fascists won the war with the help of
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France isolated until 1890 alliance between France Britain...

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