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Thesis Final Report (long)

A it is based on the customer we have to see what is

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Unformatted text preview: A: It is based on the customer. We have to see what is the nature of the customer, at what point will he agree to. What he is thinking and what he understands. You are standing here with me. I will give you the price based on analyzing your personality. Will tell you the price of this shirt Rs. 350.. this is experience I’m sharing with you. You will tell me that you’ve seen it for rs. 200 or less and why are you quoting more? When this question of your will be given to me, that is the point where I will figure out what you want . This is key point that every retailer has.. this is God-gifted to be a good salesperson Q: Is a good nature important? Based on this will you give a better rate? A:Yes good nature means a lot…but rates matter when he actually talks to us. If a person speaks to me nicely I will cater him but if it is otherwise I will not waste my and wait for next person and will not negotiate with him further Q: What is your name? 140 A: Mohammad Younus Thank you so much for your time! Retailer 2 Gender: Male Age bracket: 30-35 Profession: Selling Towels and Table Cloth Assalam-ualkium! We are students of SZABIST and we are conducting a research based on bargaining specifically in open air retail markets like Sunday Bazaar. The interview will take 5- 7 minutes and we will appreciate if you can be a part of this exercise. A: Okay Sure! Can we also record the audio of this interview? A: Yes Q: Since have you been putting up a stall here in Sunday Bazaar? A: It has been almost 7-8 years Q: And what are you selling over here? A: I sell towels and table cloth etc Q: So you have been putting up a stall before this bazaar was renovated? A: Yes Q: so your father also puts a stall over here? A: Yes his shop is a little further away from here… he has been putting up the stall for the past 15-20 years now Q: Do you feel any difference in the environment of this bazaar? Was the older bazaar better or this one? A: In terms of environment this one is better but in terms of sales, the older one was better Q: why? A: I don’t know know.. I mean it is convenient but it is more expensive Q: Do people come and bargain over here? A: Yes they do it Q: why do they do it? How do you feel? A: I try to keep my prices fixed. But the customers still bargain. It is basically customer to customer Q: who do you think bargains more? Men or Women? A: these days it is both of them.. I have kept fixed prices however. Whether it is a woman or a man… no problem Q: So there is no bargaining on your shop? A: It is there but very rarely Q: Tell me the qualities of a good bargainer who would be able to convince you to lower the price? A: He is should be a good person nature wise... If they customer is nagging me too much then I Lower the price a little or sometimes it depends on my mood.. Mostluy I try to keep a fixed price or if the customer buys a lot of things then I lower it a little Q: Does it matter if the customer lives in defence clifton?...
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A It is based on the customer We have to see what is the...

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