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Thesis Final Report (long)

Ayes but that is another thing but the rent for the

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A:Yes, but that is another thing but the rent for the renovated bazaar is not that much either. Also, before a cloth seller made 150Rs profit and he still makes that 150Rs off of a customer.This bazaar is a lot better, its bigger and more people come here. Q: Do you have a shop anywhere else too or only in Sunday bazaar? A: No I have one at ‘Teen talwar’ at the CDG shopping mall. Q: Oh, so you sit there too ? near gulf shopping centre ? A: Yes Q: ok, do you have more business there or in Sunday? A: here in Sunday, for one day we earn a lot, but, if we sell an item for 200 here then its going to be of 350 there. Q: there must be men and women both coming to your shop? If men come with women, do women bargain more or men? A: women do more. Q: Why women are more efficient, always women bargain more, why is that so? A: what can I say in Karachi, in this exorbitant era you can see yourself. Q: keeping in mind the high prices, that’s why they bargain? A: yes its costliness. Q: one thing you sell here os for 200 and there at 350? If you fix the price i.e. 200? It’s less for neither of you? A: people don’t buy here directly on fixed prices. Q: if I say how much does this cost, wat will you say? A: I would say yard is for 120 madam. Q: if I say I want it for less? A: I would definitely comment ? Q: for how much would a customer buy this? A: 100… itt cant be discounted more than that. Q: any old customary customers? A: yes there are many boutique people who buy. Q: so you charge them less, that they buy it from you? 148
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A: yes I charge them less, but there isn’t much difference between the prices, its hardly 5 to 10 rupees difference. its not like I charge ordinary customers 100 and the regular ones 50. Its just 10-15 rupees difference. Retailer # 8 Gender: Male Age bracket: 25-40 Profession: laces and buttons for women clothes Q: For how many years have you been setting up a stall here? A: for the past seven years Q: What difference do you feel between this bazaar and the old one? A: as time changes, we have to change. In that times, the old bazaar was good but now its good too… God has blessed us with it. We are happy with it Q: You come here every Sunday? Where’s your shop? A: we don’t have a proper shop. We setup stalls in different bazaars, Wednesday bazaar, etc. Q: What do you think was the sale in the old times good or today it is better? A: God is great and has blessed us; it used to be good back then and now it is also good. Q: Is the customer base good? Where is the material from, originally? A: Yes, the customer base is handsome. The material is from China. We get plain cloth from Dubai shopping mall, tariq road; we get it and then we got the cloth further designed (ham karhai karate hain kapre par) and we sell it then. Q: Hand made designs as in it goes to the factory? A: yes.
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