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Signals different categories in billboard charts rb

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signals); different categories in billboard charts (R&B, rap, country, pop); no black artists on MTV (MTV said they were going to be a “rock channel” so it was only white artists; first black artist was Michael Jackson)
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c. appropriation: henna tattoos is something some cultures do that is important to their culture but then Madonna thought it would be cool to get henna too because she thought it would make her seem global and culturally aware even though it was incredibly disrespectful i. definition: when specific cultural elements of one culture (usually less powerful) are adopted by another (usually mainstream culture) ii. example: Dreamgirls; radio signal is bad for the black song (Cadillac Car); and then the white song got on national television; segregating the different charts for music (8 on r&b and 98 on pop); they do a white cover of the song and gets played more because they have more options to get the song nationally known; white version is “safe” audience and take away the rhythm of the black version C. Tensions in Rock Music 1. Industry’s tension (corporate rationalization vs. countercultural energy): corporate music companies are all about producing music quickly and try to predict sales; our culture wants something that “sticks it to the man” even though the corporations giving us the music IS the man; know its bad but want to make money off of it; we begin to see people trying to push “safe” rap music
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