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While we dont known for sure whether or not john has

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flaw in my eyes for the organizational structure of the company. While we don’t known for sure whether or not John has a legitimate bias against Susan because she is a woman, if that were proven to be the case, how would Susan have the opportunity to advance through the company when she is only reporting to one manager? Oscar also reports solely to John and if he has something against his race then there’s almost nothing Oscar can do to improve his performance reviews and get the new job he covets. It’s quite obvious that there needs to be organizational changes if there is to be equal opportunity for every employee. This is an extremely tough situation to address from Kyle’s stand point because he is receiving two different perspectives on the situation and both could be true. If I were in Kyle’s shoes I feel like I wouldn’t have any other choice but to take this situation into my hands and
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deal with it myself. To address Oscars situation, I would request to interview candidates for the job that Oscar wants. This includes interviewing Oscar and Adam, who John offered the position too shortly after it opened up. This addresses the perceptual and individual issue that Oscar doesn’t believe he’s getting a fair shot at the job. It also would address the organizational issue of equal opportunity for all employees and keep company moral high which is huge for productivity. I would also have another conversation with John and make sure he knows where both Susan and Oscar are coming from. I would ask him questions like, “Why do we need a younger person for this job?” and, “Why does Oscars accent put our client relations in
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