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3 how might factors such as diversity attitude

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3. How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building? Our team had high scores in attitude and diversity according to the discovery wheel. As a result our good attitudes and wanting to learn will help us use the diversity and work styles to benefit our team building. We will use the ideas and styles of the team to play off of each other. 4. What is the benefit to team collaboration of understanding your ethical perspective? When teammates collaborate through different ethical perspectives the outcome and performance of the team will benefit. New ideas and ways of doing different parts of the work can enhance and bring new life into a project or paper that may have other wise been just mediocre.
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Team Building Worksheet GEN/200 Version 2 2 5. What obstacles might arise from different ethical perspectives among team members? Different ethical perspectives among teammates can really hinder the team building process and create a disjointed team. The differing of ideas, if not addressed properly, can create fracture in the team that will be hard to overcome. 6. How might these factors, diversity, attitude, learning and work styles, and ethical perspective be used to resolve conflicts? When conflicts arise between people many times we can’t see past our own perspective or opinion that creates a stale mate in the conflict when nothing can get resolved. Having other ethical perspectives from diversity inside the team but outside the conflict can shed new light on subject and bring about a mutual resolution.
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