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Notes for Moral Problems exam 2

Dont have one and dont sleep around then there is no

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don't have one and don't sleep around then there is no worry, less likely to contract STD from opposite sex as opposed to same Self : promiscuity and suicide Society - children: molestation, sets bad example Biblical teachings: there are many different interpretations of the bible, depends on who you are, not everyone follows the same teachings PIB: there are still MANY GOOD reasons against these 3 things (ex. Animals cannot consent; incest - possible invalidity of consent, can cause birth defects of a child; cause sexism; sanctity of marriage) Wilson against Sullivan’s argument for homosexuality 3 main arguments o Biblical Sullivan - "adultery, sodomy, premarital sex, and divorce, among others- should be outlawed equally with homosexual acts of the same character" Wilson's response- homosexuality is condemned Leviticus - "abomination" Paul - homosexuality is singled out as being condemned more than other sexual acts o Natural law argument (divinely ordained purpose or function; God wanted us to certain things and that's why he made us the way we are) Sullivan - foreclose sex between sterile couples, contraception, masturbation, sodomy, etc. that most people don't want to see banned; claims inconsistency Wilson's response - respecting the laws of marriage of the past; not your fault that you can't bear children; more about gender/class (homosexuals can't breed, heterosexuals can) o Civil rights argument Sullivan - homosexual marriage is on the same moral ground as interracial marriage; if we can create civil rights and change our views on African Americans, we can do it for homosexuals; attacks right to love and be loved Wilson's response - still a man and a woman even though they are different races (keeps natural order) Lindemann on feminism Gender roles are attributed to us by society o Informal expectations Women seen as home-maker, men seen as bread-winner Gender vs. sex o Gender - attributes for male and female o Sex - biological terms for male or female
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Women being caretakers causes them to lose out on opportunities that arise, end up going to men o Men have an easier time in the business world because they aren't expected to take maternity/paternity leave, pick up sick child, etc.
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