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Psych of leadership - Reflection 2

So at time what we have done is pair up the students

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talented with math skills. So at time what we have done is pair up the students who are more skilled with the math and those who struggle most together in order to have them build stronger relationships amongst each other. This also has assisted in teaching some of the students learn leadership skills and how to give back to those in need.
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I believe the most significant feature of this experience is the level of connection established with the students. Many of the students at this age are looking for mentors or those to look up to who can instill many of the skills that the men/women in their lives have not been able to. The class is primarily girls so the few boys that are in the class gravitate towards me because they know that we can connect on that level. Before entering the service site I had some pretty optimistic expectations. Many of these expectations were met and many were better than I expected. Personally I have a preference of working with older children and my biggest concern was having the younger spectrum, however as soon as I spoke to the supervisor of the program it quickly. The students were very polite and welcoming many of they introduced themselves to me before even knowing that I was involved with their classroom. A personal weakness that surfaced at the center was understanding the differences that come from their education system and the system that I grew accustomed to. However the earning of trust of the students as someone who was present to help them succeed was one of my evident strengths. I do not believe that any of my experience with this service center was out of the norm, whenever an individual enters a new environment there is always a transition period. However, doing some research into the field where I am going to work next can solve adjustment and make the transition smoother.
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Much of the leadership displayed by the teacher and myself is in relation to expertise. Through activity and educational assistance we utilize our prior knowledge to assist students in succeeding and moving forward in
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So at time what we have done is pair up the students who...

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