iHow do know how to climbbalance iiWhat food can you eat to make you grow

Ihow do know how to climbbalance iiwhat food can you

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Ask the children the following questions (or similar) and document their responses. i.How do know how to climb/balance? ii.What food can you eat to make you grow strong and healthy? iii.What can you do to make your body strong? What could you do next time to make the obstacle course more challenging for the children?
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CHCECE003 Provide care for children. Workplace Tasks 26 Workplace Booklet: V1.3| April18 Supervisor Comment:
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CHCECE003 Provide care for children. Workplace Tasks 27 Workplace Booklet: V1.3| April18 Activity 2 To complete this task refer to (pp. 90 96) of your textbook ‘ Birth to Big School’ and the reading: The Physical Activity Handbook Pre-schoolers (Example Obstacle Course Animal Safari pg. 14 & 22). Focus Child 3: Fine and Gross Motor Play This task requires you to plan and set up two play spaces for Focus Child 3. One activity should be set up indoors (fine motor) and one outdoors (gross motor). The purpose of each activity is to create a play space that offers children challenge and allows them to direct their own play. You will need to obtain permission from t he child’s parent/guardian to undertake this experience with them. The outcome for this experience will be: For children to engage in an activity that challenges their fine and gross motor skills. Through discussion with your workplace supervisor, child information sheet and informal observation of focus child 3, determine their current interests and use this when planning your activities. When designing your play spaces you should think about: What equipment/resources will be required to extend children’ s motor skills e.g. play dough, threading, construction, loose part creation, ball play, running game etc. How the play space can support children’s motor skills. How the play space can extend or challenge children’s motor skills (scaffolding learning) . What will be your role in supporting motor development and how you will respond to your focus child throughout the experience? How will the play space support independence and offer choices? Ensure the play space is safe. Discuss your play space designs with your workplace supervisor and have them sign off. Set up your play spaces and take a photograph of each area. Reflect on and document how each play space promoted physical development.
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CHCECE003 Provide care for children. Workplace Tasks 28 Workplace Booklet: V1.3| April18 Documentation Required: a. Observation consent form signed by parent/guardians. b. Describe the play spaces and the resources used. c. Identify the specific motor skills that you are targeting e.g. cutting, balance, hand-eye coordination etc. d. Attach a photograph of each play space. e. Document how your focus child engaged with each play space - what skills did he/she demonstrate; how did he/she manage the tasks, what did he/she find challenging and how did he/she overcome this challenge?
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