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Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

This allows the movement of product and information

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human interaction. This allows the movement of product and information seamlessly. This will make sure the consumer will have products to buy without having interruption of the product flow. This will help keep customers coming back to the company because of the help with customer service. With the ability to share financial transaction information there is also seamless transaction of payments between the companies allowing faster payments and less money in limbo. Also for the e-commerce the business can look and see who has what they need and at a cheaper price to increase profits and pass the savings on to their customers. This allows business to business collaboration on a global scale to allow the flow of information products and finances with the greatest of ease. As this web of information flows customers continue to benefit from the complexity and automated structure that continues to run. References Sumanjeet, S. (2009). EMERGENCE OF PAYMENT SYSTEMS IN THE AGE OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE: THE STATE OF ART. Global Journal Of International Business Research, 2(2), 17-36. University of Phoenix. (2013). Essentials of Management Information Systems. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, IT/205 - MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS website
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