Shipping Project Entity Framework is used for data access The entities are

Shipping project entity framework is used for data

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Shipping Project: Entity Framework is used for data access. The entities are defined in the ExternalOrders.edmx file as shown in the following diagram.
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The Custom Tool property for ExternalOrders.edmx has been removed. POCO classes for the Entity Model are located in the file. The POCO entity must be loaded by using lazy loading. The project contains two services defined in the following files. ShippingService.svc. The IShippingService contract must contain an operation that receives an order number as a parameter. The operation must return a class named ShippingInfo that inherits from a class named State.
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QUESTION: DRAG DROP The GetQueueItems() action in the InboundQueueController controller is not populating the view with data. The action must populate the view with data by calling the GetExternalOrders() method in the ExternalQueueService service using ChannelFactory class. You need to modify the action to populate the view with data. 3 the
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