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midterm review sheet Bowser

Attendance question 1 one way to categorize impacts

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Attendance Question 1: One way to categorize impacts of change is whether they represent changes that __________, __________ or _____________ organizations. a. automate, informate, transform b. automate, create, transform c. change, recreate, redirect d. add, modify, delete e. update, reorganize, streamline Attendance Question 2: The Analytic Hierarchy Process is: a. an approach to decision making that involves structuring multiple choice criteria into a hierarchy, assessing the relative importance of these criteria pairwise, comparing alternatives pairwise for each criterion, and determining an overall ranking of the alternatives. b. a covert elimination process that involves comparing all available alternatives by aspects. c. a decision support tool that uses a tree-like graph or model of decisions and their possible consequences, including chance event outcomes, resource costs, and utility. d. a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by examining a function. e. identical to using the weighted sum model. Attendance Question 3: Which of the following Microsoft Access objects store commands to retrieve data?
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College of Business Administration BUSMIS 1060: Introduction to IS Midterm Exam Review Sheet Quiz 1 Questions & Answers 1. Which of the following are methods for determining areas of the business that may be aided by analyzing business processes to identify opportunities to automate, inform, or transform business processes? 2. What are the three main purposes all business use information? a. Reading, writing, and arithmetic b. Interpreting data, storing for future use, and choosing hardware c. Running software, executing communications, and support processes d. Making decisions, using software, and using hardware e. Communicating, supporting processes, and making decisions 3. In the market that your company competes, many alternative products are provided that fulfill customers’ needs using a different means than your product or other products like yours in the marketplace. According to Porter’s Five Competitive Forces Model what competitive force is illustrated by this example? 4. What are the four categories of change that information systems enable within an organization? a. Database, system software, feedback, integration b. Input, storage, business rules, output c. Process improvements, automation, control, information flow d. Electronic Data Interchange, feedback, system, subsystem e. Business rules, control, equifinality, open system 5. Sara just began working for a new company and her boss has given her a flow chart to study so that she can better understand the processes of the organization. What function has the organization completed to have such a chart?
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College of Business Administration BUSMIS 1060: Introduction to IS Midterm Exam Review Sheet
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Attendance Question 1 One way to categorize impacts of...

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