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Yurii and lara become involved in a love affair yurii

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Yurii and Lara become involved in a love affair. Yurii Andreievich begins to lie to his wife and family. One day when he goes into Varykino instead of going back home to Yuriatin he spends the night at Lara’s and tells his family that he had stayed on business at Samdeviatov’s inn. Yurii now calls Lara by her first name and address her as “thou”; however she continues to address him as Zhivago. Yurii was betraying Tonia; the farther his involvement with Lara became more serious. His affair had been going on for two months, when Yurii realized that he loved Tonia, he worshiped her. Yurii felt that he “would have torn apart with his own hands anyone who would hurt her pride. And yet he himself was no the offender. At home he felt like a criminal.” (Pasternak, 302) His family’s ignorance of the truth and unchanged affection tormented him, because he knew that what he was doing was wrong and unfair to his wife and family. Although it breaks his heart, Yurii decides to break everything with Lara and come clean to Tonia. Doctor Zhivago’s heart is torn between the loves of is life, if he chooses one over the other he will cause harm to one. Although Lara and Zhivago’s relationship is illegitimate, Zhivago loves her more than Tonia. Often when they are separated he is reminded more of Lara and when he is allowed to
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Poz Diaz, 4 return home, he goes to look for Lara. Once when in a Siberian forest Yurii came across a rowan tree half covered in snow, with frozen leaves and berries. The tree held out two white branches that reminded Yurii of Lara’s white arms, so he seized them and pulled them toward him. There Zhivago mutters to the tree: “I’ll find you, my beauty, my love, my rowan tree, my own flesh and blood.” (Pasternak, 375) Doctor Zhivago here also subconsciously proclaims his love for Lara, and his desperate need to be with her. Love is a strong bond that even distance cannot interfere with. Although Yurii is miles away in a Siberian camp he still has hope that he shall soon be reunited with his love, Lara. After years of not hearing from Zhivago, Tonia still keeps faith that Yurii is alive, contrary to what other people rumor. Tonia writes a letter to Yura to inform him that their family has been allowed an exit permit to Paris. Tonia accepts the reality that although she loves Yurii, he no longer loves her as much as she does him. Tonia goes over their whole life together and everything she knows about herself to see in what way she went wrong, that she somehow along the way lost the love of Yurii. Tonia in her final letter gives Yurii permission to stay back with
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