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Marketing and pr choose and answer 2 1 describe 3

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Marketing and PR: (choose and answer 2) 1. Describe 3 ways branding is beneficial to a nonprofit organization? 2. Explain what the 4 Ps are and why it is important for a nonprofit organization to consider each of these when coming up with a marketing plan. Fundraising: (choose and answer 2) 3. Explain the pros and cons of special events as a fundraising strategy and give 3 pieces of advice on how to set-up a successful event. 4. In terms of fundraising, explain how to calculate the net income for an event and cost per $1 raised and explain why these are important calculations for an organization to use when analyzing the effectiveness of a fundraising effort. 5. Explain the Pyramid of Giving and the importance of linkage, ability and interest for nonprofit organizations in the fund development process. Financial Management, Unrelated Business Taxable Income, and the 990: (choose and answer 2) 6. Name 2 of the 5 principles of financial management discussed in class and explain how a nonprofit organization can achieve these principles and why they are important? 7. Explain the IRS’s three -part test which is used to determine if earned income for nonprofit organizations is subject to corporate income tax or not. Give an example of a type of revenue that is usually subject to UBIT and a type of revenue that usually isn’t. Political Advocacy: (choose and answer 1) 8. What are 501c3 organizations legally allowed to do in terms of political activity? Explain what regulations apply to them in terms of advocacy, lobbying, and political campaigning? How does the IRS determine if 501c3 organizations are following these regulations? 9. Why do 501c3 organizations often tend to avoid political activity? Why is it important for nonprofit organizations to be involved in political activity? Explain two pieces of advice you would give to a nonprofit who wants to develop an advocacy and lobbying effort?
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8 Accountability, Evaluation and Organizational Effectiveness: (choose and answer 1) 10. Explain the 4 key phases of implementing and evaluation and what is at least one important question that a nonprofit must consider in each phase. Volunteer Management: (choose and answer 1) 11. Describe the four steps in the engaging individuals model in order.
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