Clamp the cable shield to the earthed din rail

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mounted. Clamp the cable shield to the earthed DIN-rail. Remaining wires are connected to corresponding Vital/Pluto terminal block pins. Tina 1A must be connected to unused M12 connectors. Warning! All the safety functions must be tested before starting up the system. Maintenance Warning! The safety functions and the mechanics shall be tested regularly, at least once every year to confirm that all the safety functions are working properly (EN 62061:2005). In case of breakdown or damage to the product, contact the nearest ABB Jokab Safety Service Office or reseller. Do not try to repair the product yourself since it may accidentally cause permanent damage to the product, impairing the safety of the device which in turn could lead to serious injury to personnel. Testing of the safety functions Make sure the safety unit is working properly by following these steps: Interrupt the dynamic safety circuit before this unit. The LEDs on all Tina units attached should flash between green and red. Interrupt protection at the last connection (i.e. connection nr 8). The voltage over pin-4 in the 13-pin connection block should be 0 VDC. Troubleshooting Problem Expected causes of faults Checking and measures to take No dynamic signal out (0 VDC) One or more of the sensors open Check status of the sensor/unit(s) Interference between two safety light beams Check status of the light beams 24 VDC input to pin-2 (no dynamic signal) Check if there is 24 VDC to input (pin-2). If Yes, check cable or unit before and fix it. Loss of power supply Check 24 VDC / 0 VDC power supply Warning! Replace defected unit with a new one and never bypass the safety circuit using Tina 1A or any other solution. 2TLC172142M0201, rev. D 8 2014-03-11
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