4 defending democracy tom makes himself a drink and

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Tom makes himself a drink and sits down at the dinner table. Ellen serves the two of them and sits down beside him. Tom: What good would that do? Someone has to defend him. No one else wants the case so the judge assigned it to me. I have to defend him because that’s the law. Regardless of what I think or how I feel about him, he is innocent until proven guilty. Ellen: Do you think you can get him a fair trial knowing how you feel about him? Tom: I have no choice. It’s what I do. It’s not just about defending him. It’s about his right to due process. This country is based on democracy. Regardless of my personal opinions, I must defend that. If we start convicted people just because someone has a feeling that they are guilty we will have a whole lot of innocent people in jail. Ellen: That’s true, so maybe you could focus on that instead. Forget about defending him and focus on the process of it all. You are there to create doubt, not pass judgment. The jury will do that. Tom downs his drink then pushes his food around his plate without actually eating. Tom: I wish it were that simple. Ellen: It can be.
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4 Defending Democracy Tom makes himself a drink and sits...

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