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Whats the probability of write as fractions these are

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What’s the Probability of: (Write as fractions) These are all theoretical probabilities Flipping a coin and landing heads: P(Heads) = __________ Rolling a 1 from a die: P(1) = __________ Pulling a King from a deck of cards: P(King) = _________ Class Coin Experimental Probability: Coin Toss: Die Roll: http://my.hrw.com/math06_07/nsmedia/video_tutor/na_alg1.html
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Another Example: A department store is offering a discount on sunglasses. The table shows the number fo each type of discounted sunglasses. You chose a pair at random. What is the probability that the pair you hose is polarized? Green Lens Brown Lens Polarized 8 4 Mirrored 7 9 Other questions we could ask and create new events???????? 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________________________ Determining sample spaces for probabilities Use a Tree Diagram Example: Use a Tree Diagram to determine the number of outfits you could wear.. Your mom thought it would be nice to buy you some new clothes for the summer. She bought you 3 t-shirts: red, blue, green and two pair of shorts: black and tan. All the shirts can be worn with the pants. How many outfits do you have? Let’s add another pair of shorts (gr ay) and a shirt (yellow) How many outfits do you have? What’s the probability in both situations that you will at random grab a red t -shirt and black shorts. Resources for more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkDzmI7YOx0 Algebra 1 Survey Book Pg 843
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