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Change of the distribution channel it is observed

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Change of the distribution channel: It is observed that most of people feel embarrassment, when they ask for a condom from the shop seller. This problem provides an opportunity to the new organization to change the ordinary level of the distribution and installed machines for the direct sale of the condoms at various places. So, that people can easily purchase their product without any hesitation. Answer 3: The recommendation of this case is based upon the cultural aspects of the different areas. The cultural pervasive impact is considered here for the recommendations. As we know that the culture plays a pivotal role in every stage of life, The impact of culture is present in all stages of life; it affect the spending pattern of the people, their way of living, their relationship and etc. This effect of culture is seen in this horrible problem because people ignorantly without the proper knowledge follows the culture in the brazil and all other poor areas of the world. In order to get the better response, international marketers always focus on the cultural aspects to provide the maximum satisfaction to the customers. This impact is kept in mind by new organizations in this industry to increase their market share. For example, Brazilian does not use condoms because of its thickness, and it does not provide them maximum satisfaction. The new organizations here to increase their market share provide that product that is according to the culture of them. Another example of this argument is the shyness of the people of India in demanding condoms from the shop keeper. This problem provides an opportunity to the new coming organizations to use the unique way of distribution like; installation of machines at different places that provides product to the consumer and increase its reimbursement.
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