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Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 9 Natural disasters

47 5 its is the book it will interest children of all

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_____________________________________________________________________________________ 47. 5. It’s is the book. It will interest children of all ages. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 48. The Pikes keep having all-night parties. They live next door. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 49. Where are the eggs? They are in the fridge. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 50. Vietnam exports rice. Vietnam is in south-east Asia. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 51. I am talking to Russ. His land is in the region. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 52. The man and animals were from China. You saw them on TV. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Fill in each gap with a suitable word in the box below. --died – killed – prevented – occurred – began – cooking – broke – caused-- Almost a hundred thousand people were _______(53) and half a million homes destroyed as a result of an earthquake in Tokyo in 1923. The earthquake _______(54) a minute before noon when the inhabitants of Tokyo were _______(55) their midday meals. Thousands of stoves were overturned as soon as the earth began to shake. As a result, small fires _______(56) out everywhere and quickly spread. The fires engines were _______(57) from going to help because many of the roads had cracked open. It was impossible to use fire fighting equipment as most of the water pipes had burst. Consequently, over ninety percent of the damage was _______(58) by fire rather than by the collapse of the buildings. Most of those who _______(59) were not killed in the earthquake itself but in the fires, which followed. If the earthquake had _______(60) at night while people were sleeping, far fewer would have died.
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