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Km involves people processes and technology it must

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KM involves people, processes, and technology. It must be seamlessly woven into operations.
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Commander Perspectives- Commanders operate in an extremely complex environment that includes a myriad of players and information flows that affects how the Commander makes decisions and influences outcomes (as depicted in the figure). They recognize and leverage the benefits that arise from collaboration and dialogue among these many players, each with their different perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Commanders at the strategic and operational level realize they cannot simply restrict themselves to the internal environment depicted on the figure. They must be equally comfortable in engaging in the external environment as they attempt to better understand it, make decisions, and influence outcomes. They also recognize the myriad of information flows to and from each of these players. Commanders understand the larger challenge of knowledge management within this construct of players and information flows. They recognize the impossibility of precisely controlling all of this information, but rather focus on how to best leverage it.
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