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Values and Motives

Most optimistic person so when a good thing comes my

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most optimistic person, so when a good thing comes my way, I know to fully seek gratitude in it. If I do a favor for someone, his or her appreciation and acknowledgment for what I have done for them makes me feel really good. If it is not apparent, however, then it will most likely upset me. I enjoy being recognized for my accomplishments and other doings. My fifth character strength according to the test is leadership; yet the way leadership is defined in this survey is a person seeking encouragement and harmony within a group and being able to organize activities. I find this aspect about myself extremely accurate, because I cannot tolerate unnecessary conflict. I am also a person who is very organized and makes sure things are done correctly and smoothly in order to additionally avoid conflict. This structure will put me more at ease by reducing stress. When I see that a group I am working with able to get along, it will influence me by making me less tense.
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Although these are great strengths, I also have several weaknesses that are definitely worth improving. I am not the most forgiving person. Because I am extremely sensitive and emotional, I tend to take things personally, even if I am aware that they are jokes. Another flaw is my self-control, which is apparent by my lack of forgiveness.
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