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Unit 6 Customer Service Discussion Board Posting

Arent as skilled as women when it comes to sending

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aren't as skilled as women when it comes to sending body messages non-verbally to spark up a conversation. Men and women should take pride in learning what makes them unique and different with one another, while finding out the different non-verbal cues that are being
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delivered. This can happen in the business world when both sexes are around each other. Each sex should take part in what's called "perception checking," where each gender smoothly engages in conversation, while trying to get a "feel" of the other gender related to their body language. There is a major difference between the term "efficient" and "effective". In terms of communication, an efficient communication may not always be an effective one. For example, in certain scenarios, especially over long distance, email communication might be quite efficient, but may not be the most effective form of communication as personal face to face or voice communication might become necessary to explain things or convey things in a better manner. Although email is quite cost efficient for long distance communication, human touch or personal touch might become necessary to establish proper communication and coordination with workers/ clients/ vendors located at far off locations. When a person uses effective communication, he or she succeeds in reaching his or her goal for communicating. When a person is efficient in communicating, he or she gets out the message in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of energy. To sum, effectiveness deals with a job well-dong; efficiency deals with time. An effective as well as efficient communication goes a long way in promoting proper coordination, establishing strong rapport among employees and motivating employees to maintain a healthy working atmosphere. It leads to minimal conflicts, chaos and communication gap. The type of non-verbal communication is the use of body space, touching behavior or hepatics, body language and the manner of dressing. The verbal communication can be face-to- face and speaking. The verbal communication can be more personable and cannot leave room for interpretation. The non-verbal communication such as written communication can be re-read because it is more concrete by employees who were unclear about any details (Bauer & Erdogan, n.d). Non-verbal communication refers to the messages we give and receive through body language and facial expressions Non-verbal messages often convey more meaning than the spoken word. A positive non-verbal form of communication, such as positive body language, gestures and facial expressions can go a long way in terms of establishing effective two way communication between organizational employees at all levels. Appropriate form of non-verbal communication from seniors is extremely important to motivate subordinates, implement change and achieve better response and productive attitude/ behavior from subordinates. A negative message sent through inappropriate non-verbal communication can spoil relationship/ rapport between organizational employees. Therefore, non-verbal communication should be used as an important tool to convey positive messages or communication across organization. Especially in a culturally diverse work environment, one should be quite careful in
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