Adapted from Gabarro and Kotter Needs Independence and esteem Benefits Around

Adapted from gabarro and kotter needs independence

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(Adapted from Gabarro and Kotter)
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Needs Independence and esteem Benefits Around Recognition, control, autonomy, authority Probes Open, neutral, summary, reflective Approach Firm, confident, show conviction Tips Direct Reports Seek opinion, listen, delegate Peers Focus results, confront conflict, probe benefits and consequences Manager Be prepared, allow venting, Step 3 then Step 2 Skills to Emphasize Q1 Behavior
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Needs Security, predictability, stability Benefits Around Structure, light at end of tunnel, reduce complaints, self-worth Probes Open, pause, summary, neutral, reflective Approach Low-key, patient, reassuring, deliberate Tips Direct Reports Patient, develop structure Peers Businesslike, slow down Manager Gain trust, probe benefits and consequences Skills to Emphasize Q2 Behavior
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Needs Friendship, acceptance, harmony Benefits Around Being accepted; able to socialize, work with teams Probes Closed, summary, neutral Approach Focused, friendly, businesslike Tips Direct Reports probe benefits and consequences, show interest Peers Probe acceptance, be friendly Manager Help plan & implement, probe benefits and consequences Skills to Emphasize Q3 Behavior
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Needs Independence, self-realization Benefits Around Challenge, influence direction, business results involved Probes Open, summary, neutral Approach Involve, listen, collaborate Tips Direct Reports Involve, expect differences Peers Listen, participate Manager Disagree with reasons, participate Skills to Emphasize Q4 Behavior
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Part II: What skills will I need to improve my overall communications ability?
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Body Language Message impact: 07 38 55 Seven percent is verbal Thirty-eight percent is nonverbal Volume, tone, pitch, voice quality, rate of speaking, accent, stress, nature and number of speech errors, etc. Fifty-five percent is body language
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Communications The Twin Sister of Leadership
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Communications the Language of Leadership
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It is not sufficient to know what to say, but one must know how to say it. Aristotle
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