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Q25 according to the passage each of the following is

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Q25: According to the passage, each of the following is characteristic of the tide-associated periodic behavior of commuter diatoms EXCEPT: A. It is triggered when the diatoms are inundated by the tide. B. It is correlated with the rise and fall of the tide. C. It adjusts to changes in the tidal cycle. D. It is influenced by the solar-day cycle. E. It is regulated by an innate time-keeping mechanism. Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q26: The author of the passage compares the relationship between an organism’s biological clock and its environment to the relation between a wristwatch and its owner most probably in order to 24
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q27: In parts of the Caribbean, the manatee, an endangered marine mammal, has long been hunted for its meat. Having noted the manatee hunters’ expert knowledge of manatees’ habits, local conservationists are encouraging the hunters to stop hunting and instead to take tourists on boat rides to see manatees. Tourist interest is high, so the plan has promise of achieving the twin goals of giving the former hunters a good income and helping ensure the manatees’ survival. Which of the following, if true, raises the most serious doubt about the plan’s chance of success? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Q25 According to the passage each of the following is...

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