NE 101 Exam 3 Review Sheet '12

Visual disorders i blindsight ii agnosia apperceptive

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Visual Disorders i. Blindsight ii. Agnosia Apperceptive Associative Prosopagnosia III. Memory a. HM b. Multiple memory systems i. Declarative memory 1
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NE 101 - Fall 2012 ii. Procedural memory Place vs. response learning Emotional conditioning iii. iv. Hippocampal function Cognitive mapping vs. episodic memory Place cells Spatial memory Representation of sequence, order, time IV. Audition a. Cochlea i. Receptors ii. Receptive fields iii. Frequency detection/sound transduction iv. Place coding b. Pathway from cochlea to cortex c. Auditory cortex i. Tonotopic map V. Language a. Basic elements b. Neuroanatomy of language c. Wernicke – Geshwind Model d. Connectionist Model i. Word category webs e. Aphasias i. Fluent ii. Non-fluent VI. Somatosensation a. Receptors i. Proprioception ii. Interoception iii. Exteroception mechanoreceptors b. Pathway from periphery to brain i. Dorsal column – medial lemniscal pathway ii. Spinothalamic pathway iii. Somatotopic maps c. Agnosias i. Astereognosia ii. Asomatognosia iii. Anosagnosia d. Collateral sprouting i. Phantom Limbs ii. Training effect iii. Digit removal e. Pain i. Pathway ii. Peripheral control Pain gate iii. Central control f. Representation of Space i. Egocentric ii. Allocentric VII.Motor a. Major brain areas i. M1 – Primary Motor Cortex ii. Premotor cortex 2
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NE 101 - Fall 2012 iii. Basal Ganglia
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Visual Disorders i Blindsight ii Agnosia Apperceptive...

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