Practice knowledge skills learned from the ebp module

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practice knowledge & skills learned from the EBP module Lack of knowledge testing; one hospital; convenience sample II A 2 League et al, 2012 Pre-posttest Quasi Experimental Survey I 744; Survey II 1164 Developed a centralized web-based resource including EBP toolkit, monthly EBP project highlights & electronic site nurses could formulate an EBP question to seek guidance. Nurses had favorable attitudes toward EBP & more likely to access EBP resources Single academic medical center; threat of history II A 3 Levin et al, 2011 Two-group randomized controlled 46 Evaluated an EBP model in a community & home health setting. Intervention ( n = 22) included a 4-week didactic training (4-one hour classes), EBP toolkit, posters to encourage EBP participation, & an on-site mentor for 12 weeks (2 hours 1 day per week). Control group ( n =24) did not receive the mentorship or EBP training. Intervention group had stronger EBP beliefs, higher EBP implementation behaviors, higher group cohesion, & less attrition & turnover compared to the control group. An EBP mentor was critical to enhancing nurses EBP beliefs & implementation Generalizability of findings (limited home care settings); PI was also mentor to experimental group I B Dearholt & Dang, 2012 Evidence Table Example