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Slow extinction pop quizzes fixed ratio reward given

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Slow extinction pop quizzes Fixed -Ratio Reward given at fixed amounts of output High, stable performance attained quickly; Rapid extinction piece-rate pay Variable -Ratio Reward given at variable amounts of output Very high performance Slow extinction commission ed sales - managers can reinforce each successive step hat moves one closer to desired response
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P ART 2: S TRIVING FOR P ERFORMANCE MOTIVATION FOR WHOM? - motivation theories help managers get more productivity out of employees - should also focus on improving conditions of workplace for employees Conclusions Recognize individual differences (align goals, level of involvement, rewards w/ individual needs) Use goals and feedback (challenging, specific goals + feedback on how well they’re doing) Allow employees to participate in decisions that affect them (e.g. setting work goals, choosing benefits packages) → can inc. productivity, commitment to work goals, motivation, job satisfaction When giving rewards, be sure they reward desired performance (reward linked to type of performance expected so employees perceive clear linkage) → if perceived to be low → low performance, dec. in job satisfn, inc. in turnover/absenteeism Check the system for equity (rewards equating w/ inputs of employees)
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Slow extinction pop quizzes Fixed Ratio Reward given at...

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