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Steel automobiles 4 some causes of the crash a

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steel & automobiles: 4. Some Causes of the Crash a. fortune seeking in stock market: b. margin buying: c. overextended credit: d. departure of foreign investors: e. wealth gap: 5. Black Tuesday, October 29 th , 1929: a. a wave of fear: -- loans “called”: -- selling to pay: -- value drop: b. $30 billion lost: B. Life in the 1930s: The Great Depression 1. Mass Unemployment: 2. Bank Failures: 3. Industry Shutdowns: 4. Homelessness: 5. Hoover’s Optimism: C. Franklin Roosevelt (F.D.R.) & the New Deal 1. Restoring Confidence: 2. Important Ideological Differences: -- Government exists as “a haven of refuge to the individual” -- Need for an enlightened administration
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-- “restrict the operations of the speculator” 3. The First Hundred Days: 4. The New Deal Alphabet Soup: a. WPA=Works Progress Administration: b. CCC=Civilian Conservation Corps: c. TVA=Tennessee Valley Authority: d. FDIC=Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: e. FWP etc.= Federal Writers/Arts/Music/Theater: 5. Protection of Individuals a. National Labor Relations Act (1935): b. Social Security Act (1935): 6. Criticisms of the New Deal: a. un-American: b. ineffective: c. massive federal spending: 7. The Legacy of the New Deal a. restored optimism: b. empowered labor: c. established protections d. vastly expanded role of government:
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