Learning science in these contexts will be more

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Learning science in these contexts will be more interesting and effective. The content of this syllabus has been carefully chosen to ensure continuity and progression of science education across the primary and secondary levels. Students are presented with aspects of science that are interesting and best contribute to their general education. It is expected that upon completion of the course students shall acquire the basic foundation for more academic pursuit in the discipline of science in senior secondary education. To help students keep up with advances in science and technology, teachers should feel free to incorporate current issues that are relevant and interesting into their lessons. For example, the use of modern technology in measurement and control should be introduced where appropriate. It is important to note that the sequencing of topics in this syllabus does not suggest a teaching order. Schemes of work and assessment should be drawn up by teachers in a manner commensurate with the needs, interest and abilities of their students. Teachers are advised to adopt a variety of approaches in their teaching and incorporate ideas as well as materials from the everyday experiences of their students.
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